Home » All » Wyclef Jean Thanks President Barack Obama on Behalf of Hip-Hop – VIDEO


  1. Yo clef the carnival was my first record I ever bought bro real shit. I
    used to chill in my room and play that shit over and over. Thank you for
    introducing me to hip hop.


  3. Jrizzle Productshizzle

    trust me. NO ONE CARES what a washed up old lame rapper thinks about

  4. Jrizzle Productshizzle

    your only thanking him cuz he’s black, all he accomplished with his
    presidency is taking out privacy away and the healthcare thing. these
    dumbass rappers need to stop acting like they give a fuck about politics
    -_- god this is sad. idk if i can even support hip hop anymore with all the
    fuckery going on, the talent level has fallen to shit and the cooling level
    is sky high. i got news for you . hip hop is gonna go out of style real
    soon of. it keeps this level or crap up

  5. Arthur Williams

    Obama will be missed

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