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Open Space: HoodCelebrityy | Mass Appeal

“I like breaking rules,” says HoodCelebrityy. “If I wanna go outside with no bra… it might be breaking rules for you but it’s what I wanna do.” Born in Jamaica and raised in the Bronx, HoodCelebrityy was working at a clothing store on Fordham Road when her friend Cardi B reposted a video of her freestyling on Instagram and a music career was born. The NYC dancehall artist’s biggest hit to date “Walking Trophy” has over 9 million plays on Youtube and landed her a spot on this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam. “I was just in my room working out, and I was looking in the mirror and I’m like ‘I’m really a walking trophy,’” she remembers with a laugh. “I was like, it’s other women out there that’s walking trophies too.” Check out the latest episode of Open Space right now.

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