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Nino Bless // “Awakened” (Official Music Video) #Music

“Awakened” Official Music Video
Written and Performed by Nino Bless and Neenah
Produced by Neenah
Directed by Isaac Cordero and Nino Bless
Shot and Edited by Isaac Cordero and 7Even Productions
Mixed by Neenah at Studio 18 in Orlando, FL
Mastered by Michael Cupp at Studio 18 in Orlando, FL

Download the entire album for FREE at


  1. HARD

  2. this is too hard, Nino for the spirit

  3. Rashod Featherstone

    the best, then me

  4. One of Top Rappers!!! In a league of his own. luv his music

  5. Acetyn Iza-starr

    I’m glad the comments are there for ratings, data constipated yo lmao

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