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Logic’s “Everybody” (Word on the Street) – VIDEO

It’s been almost two weeks since Logic dropped his third studio album, “Everybody,” and the response has been massive. From fans getting the album tatted on them to Logic scoring his first number one album on the charts, it’s been amazing. So HNHH decided to take a little stroll around NYC and ask fans their thoughts on the new album, their favorite tracks and more. Just like when the album dropped, the response was positive. One fan even almost cried when we told him that the next album might be Logic’s last album. We ain’t lying. Check out the video above and tell us what you think about Logic’s “Everybody” in the comments.

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  1. al the people u interviewd r black why

  2. This album was bad, surface level deep, not specific, corny ass rhymes

  3. I feel like this is one of those Jimmy Kimmel skit

  4. the “all lives matter” of hip hop albums

  5. 2:00 finally someone that is intelligent

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