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Around the World with UnoTheActivist

Welcome to our new series, one-off, TBD AROUND THE WORLD, inwhich we dive deep into the worlds of some of our favorite artists, taking a tripped-out trip through the things that make them tick. For our inaugural episode, we hooked up with Atlanta’s UnoTheActivist, whose woozy, swagged out sound quickly took him from Playboi Carti collaborator to Soundcloud star to major label deal with Republic records. Now, fresh off his recent release, ‘Live.Shyne.Die,’ and a recent stop by MASS APPEAL HQ for a Stairwell Freestyle, Uno opens up about everything from anime to the afterlife to cartoons with curves.

“I’m into weird shit,” Uno explains. “Back when they had the vulgar cartoons, titties all in the cartoons. That’s what I be watching. I be watching Fritz the Cat. I got him tatted on my neck.”

Following this unpredictable train of thought, and right after telling us of his desire to have a dog he can sit on the shitter and read the ‘Times,’ he declares that this may be his last life, and that he’s going to heaven. Hey, why not, right? Watch the full video above and his Open Space interview with Thouxanbanfauni.

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